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    From Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser • Attitude Concepts for Today

    “You have a special way of connecting; that has always been your claim-to-fame, and you bring that to the table…you make the audience feel SAFE…thus the trust level opens accordingly; BRAVO!”

    From Adrian • Curry Summer Music Camp Attendee

    “Thanks for your fantastic leadership and musicianship!”

    From Colonel Arnold Gabriel • United States Air Force Band, Director (retired)

    “…All selections were performed superbly… There was great intensity, clarity, confidence, flexibility, and eye contact in all your selections; excellent dynamic contrasts and styles was indicative of the composers’ intent… Great job!

    From Brynn • College Student

    “Thank you for everything you’ve done for us this year. Your knowledge and wisdom are deeply and whole-heartedly appreciated.”

    From Dr. Harry Begian • University of Illinois, Emeritus Director of Bands

    “Congratulations – you are an excellent display of musical teamwork and musical display. This is a very mature group of players who have been well taught by a very good conductor! Bravo to you all!” 

    From Robert • Summer Marching Academy Attendee

    “This course is fantastic in every way possible.”

    From Dr. Craig Kirchoff • University of Minnesota School of Music, Director of Bands

    “Dobson gives a very convincing presentation – Great care with dynamics, especially in the Daugherty. This is a virtuosic ensemble.  Thank you for your musical presentation. BRAVO.”

    From Alex • Director’s Presentation

    “Thank you for all the inspiration and help! It has been a great time.”

    From Professor Ray E. Cramer • Indiana University, Director of Bands

    “I just want to express my appreciation to all of you for your outstanding performance. The group played with care, focus, maturity and musical sensitivity! CONGRATULATIONS! The program was beautifully performed and I enjoyed the literature very much, especially the Welcher and Daugherty. Difficult music, but well prepared and conducted with focus and sensitivity. Thank your young folks for your hard work, dedication to excellence and love of music making. Your lives will be forever changed and BETTER for what you have become as musicians. Thank you!”

    From Danny • Sycamore Leadership & Drum Major Camp

    “Thank you for all you’ve done for us and for helping us improve as musicians and people!”

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